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Demystify any text with one click!  Activate your school glossaries and manage them securely online.more...
  Add-in for Microsoft Word
Prepare scientific and technical papers with confidence.more...

Keep them talking the talk

Supported Environments

Windows 10 or later
Microsoft Word 2007 or later (32 bit)
Add-in requires installation of Internet Explorer 10 or later or Microsoft Edge

  Website Widget
Developing online instruction? Automatically add in-text glossary support.

Keep them engaged on every page

  1. Open the source code of your web page or web page template.
  2. Decide where you want the widget to appear.
  3. Copy the widget HTML code which we provide and paste it into the selected location.
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Welcome to CoolJargon College!

As teachers and editors, we understand the challenge of teaching the language of science to tomorrow's professionals.

That's why we're releasing our comprehensive suite of terminology tools:

  • CoolJargon Online Editor
  • CoolJargon Pro Add-in for MS Word
  • CoolJargon Website Widget

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